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"These Stories Will Not Be Confined," Carceral Liberalism: Feminst Voices Against State Violence 

"Darwin's Suicides," Rock & Sling 16.1, 2021

"Spana-Kota,"Bellingham Review, 2021

Inter-Review, Fourth Genre, Fall 2021

"Black Stone," ErgonAugust 2019

“Cyprus Pride,” Bellingham Review  76, Fall 2018

“The Rope of Desires,” The Tusculum Review  14, 2018

“This Way Back” and “Dancing Greek,” Levure Littéraire Numéro 14, Summer 2018

“Ithacas,” 3Elements Review 17, January 2018

“Freedom’s Bones,” Switchgrass Review  3, Spring 2017

“Wild Honey, Locust Beans,” Arts and Letters  33, Fall 2016

"Coming Out," Vox, April 2014

“Snow on Sunday,” St. Katherine’s Review, October 2011

“She and I,” Broad River Review   42, Spring 2011

“Unsent Letter to My Father,” Mary: A Journal of New Writing, Winter 2010


Moonlight,” Chautauqua 7, 2010

“The Other Side,” Crab Orchard Review   14.2, Fall 2009

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